Values to grow and develop in unity



First, trust in God the Almighty. He is the one who has accomplished everything on the cross and who has everything under His control. Also, trust in the capacity and faithfulness of our brothers and sisters in Christ to follow the call of God for their life. Finally, trust in the body of Christ that is expressed in so many different ways in Europe.


In Jesus’ likeness of serving the Father and serving people, we are called to do the same by serving God and serving others. Service is a great proof and act of love. Lets never stop doing good to people. Service is not about performance but it is a participation with God to what he is doing, it is a grace.


Together we are better! Unity amongst the Christians, by joining our strengths and gifts, we will make a significant difference. As the bride of Christ, we are all one in Christ – one body made out of different parts. As Christ and the Father are one, living in unity is not an option, it is our strength.


God is love. Jesus invites us to love God and love people, these are the first and greatest commandments. Love is the reason why we get to know God, live for Him and by which we are saved. It should be our priority and to do everything out of love. Lets love the world with His love, in words and actions.