ESBS Teams

The vision of ESBS has been defined by an initial round table that met in Switzerland in May 2016

From this round table, a lead Team has been chosen to bring the vision into practice:

Paul Manwaring (UK), Mattheus Van der Steen (NL), Ben Fitzgerald (D), Yvonne Klarmann (D) Jean-Luc Trachsel (CH),

They are supported and surrounded by advisors call the team leading spiritually ESBS

Johannes Hartl (DE), Hans Maat (NL), Monseigneur Dominique Rey (FR), Oliver Raper (GB), Peter Wenz (DE), Markus Wenz (DE), David Wagner (US), Sergey Shydlovskiy (EST), Rodrigues Pereira (PT), Vladimir Ashaev (SIB), Henry Madava (UA), Oleg Ryakhovskiy (RU), Stephan Christiansen (NO), Anne Christiansen (NO), Nicolas Lehmann (CH), Wess Hall (DE), Bedros Nassanian (CY), Thierry Juvet (CH), Monique Juvet (CH), Carlos Payan (F), David Vandeput (B), Chris Poeschl (A), Eduardo Nunes (PT), Kristin Nunes (PT)

The legal structure that ESBS uses is an association with a board:

Paul Manwaring (UK), Mattheus Van der Steen (NL), Ben Fitzgerald (D), Yvonne Klarmann (D) Jean-Luc Trachsel (CH), Markus Wenz (D), Peter Wenz (D)

Partners & Supporters have begun to connect to the vision and they simply stand with ESBS:

Heidi Baker (Iris, MZ), Reinhard Bonnke (CFAN, D), Daniel Kolenda (CFAN, USA), Ben Fitzgerald (Awakening Europe, D), Todd White (Power & Love, USA), Matthias Kuhn (G-Movement, CH), David Wagner (Fathers Heart, USA), Markus Wenz (Holy Spirit Nights, D), Tim Eldridge (Presence Ministries, UK), Andreas Keller (Schleife, CH), Henry Madava (Victory Christian Church, Ukr), Chris Poeschl (CIG, A), Werner Lehmann (Gospel Wave, CH), Bedros Nassanian (Hope Geneva, CY), Thierry and Monique Juvet (Institut pour l’Honneur, CH), Sverre Bjørnhaug (NO), David Bonhomme (Progressif Media, F), David Vandeput (B), Carlos Payan (F), Leo Bigger (ICF, CH), Uli Eggers (Willow Creek Germany, D), David Demian (Global Gathering), Gerhard Proß (Together for Europe), Sergey Shidlowskij (God Seeker, RU), Maciej Wolski (Foundation 24/7, PO), Dr. Maximilian von Oettingen (Loretto, D), Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia (great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II), Father Karl Wallner OCist, (Professor of catholic theology, Missio Austria), Bernhard Meuser (YOUCAT foundation international), Fadi Krikor (Father’s House for all nations), Father Nicolas Buttet (Fraternité Eucharistein, CH), Stacey and Wesley Campbell (Be a Hero, CA), Ian Nicholson (24/7 Prayer, UK), Pete Greig (24/7 Prayer, UK), Jeremy Riddle (Bethel Music, USA), Lindy Conant (YWAM Circuit Riders, USA), Prince Nikolaus Lobkowicz (CZ), Bill Johnson (Bethel Church, USA), Danny Silk (Bethel Church, USA), Hans Matt (President of the Protestant church, NL), Rodrigues Pereira (Vice-President of the Portuguese Evangelical Alliance, P), Nathan Morris (Shake the Nations, USA), Jake Hamilton (Worshiper, USA), Banning Liebscher (Jesus Culture, USA), Bp. Charles Morerod (Catholic Bishop of Fribourg, Lausanne and Geneva, CH), Ken Gott (Transform Our World, UK), Paul Manwaring (UK), Mattheus Van der Steen (NL), Peter Wenz (D), Christian Kuhn (CH), Jean-Pascal Bobst (CH), Jean-Luc Trachsel (CH), Johannes Hartl (D), Andreas Boppart (CH), Cristina Bobst (CH), Bp. Andreas Siemieniewski (Catholic Bishop, Breslau, PL), Prof. Matteo Calisi (President of United in Christ, IT), Javier Garcia (Director Agape Europe, ES), Martin & Georgia Buehlmann (Leaders of the Vineyard Movement Germany, Austria, Switzerland, CH), Olivier Fleury (Director and founder of Jesus Celebration 2033) and many more to come!